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aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser
aroma diffuser

Model No.: K202

Product basic parameters

  • Product Size (D)86mm × (H)60.5mm
  • Product Capacity 10ml/15ml
  • Mist Output 0.03ml/h
  • Product Material PP
  • Rated Voltage AC 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
  • Product Net Weight 0.133 kg
  • Battery Capacity NO
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Lemoworld wall plug essential oil aroma diffuser quiet waterless for bedroom

Is there an aroma diffuser that can be plugged into a wall outlet?

Wall-mounted plug: detachable plug, you can choose the relevant specifications;

Aesthetics: in line with the general public, simple and elegant, high-grade  

Features: fit for 5ml, 10ml, 15ml of essential oils, easy to operate and fast, with

Cotton swabs for heating and evaporation of equipment;

Light: warm color, color temperature 3000K


*Press the first time, the blue light is on, continuously misting and automatically off after 12 hours.

*Press the second time, the blue light is on, the night light is on and continuously misting

*Press the third time, power off, lamp and mist stop.

Product customization services:

Customize LOGO: YES

Customize lights: YES (colorful, gradient, solid color,etc.)

Customize item color: YES

Customize item size: YES

Customize capacity: YES

Customize button: touch panel, physical buttons,etc.

Customize battery capacity: YES 

Customize texture: YES (water transfer, wood grain,etc.)

Customize item materials: YES (wood, glass, ceramic, resin, metal,etc.)

Customize functions: YES (app, remote control, voice control, bluetooth, music, WIFI,etc.)

Customize power supply: YES (European, American, Japanese,etc.)    

Customize box: YES

Free sample: YES

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For more customization requirements, please contact us.

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