Model No.: X088

Product basic parameters

  • Product Size (L)235mm × (W)141mm × (H)97mm
  • Product Capacity 300ml
  • Mist Output 25-40ml/h
  • Product Material PP+ABS
  • Rated Voltage AC 100-240V / DC24V
  • Product Net Weight 0.49 kg
  • Battery Capacity NO
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Lemoworld wood grain landscaqe aroma diffuser

Features of X088 wood grain aroma diffuser

Your Relaxation Tool: this essential oil diffuser is with a 300ml capacity water tank using ultrasonic technology to make nano mist, essential oils and music from the speaker make it possible to enjoy your aromatherapy spa treatment at home.

Out-Standing Design: the cover is designed like a boat, like mountains, the patented out look is full of Chinese Zen .

Bluetooth control: this diffuser is designed with smart control, you can connect it with your cell phone to control the light, the mist as well as play your favorite songs or music - White noise and lullaby sounds for a better sleep for you and your baby, we set inside the diffuser with forest birds, ocean waves and stream sound for nature lovers, or some perfect soothing sounds for your yoga, meditation or pilates practice

Top fill water: You don't have to remive the cover, just add water directly from the top.

Product customization services:

Customize LOGO: YES

Customize lights: YES (color, gradient, solid color,etc.)

C ustomize item color: YES

Customize item size: YES

Customize water tank capacity: YES

Customize function keys: touch buttons, physical buttons,etc.

Customize battery capacity: YES    

Customize patterns: YES (water transfer, wood grain,etc.)

Customize item materials: YES (wood, glass, ceramic, resin, metal,etc.)

Customize functions: YES (app, remote control, voice control, bluetooth, music, WIFI,etc.)

Customize power supply: YES (European, American, Japanese,etc.)    

Customize box: YES

Free sample: YES

   For more customization requirements, please contact us.

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